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March 23, 2012
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Clover Gets the Best Lunches by nonecansee Clover Gets the Best Lunches by nonecansee
Sketchy! This is the other Papa Louie fan art I was talking about.

As a fan-person, I like being thorough about the universe and characters I'm going to make fan art of (so that it's as faithful as possible, hehe. I'm that kind of fan girl :giggle:). I read that Wikia with the fan-based relationships and I saw that it said Marty, Maggie and Clover are all siblings (Sue is their mom). Some pages of the same Wikia also said that Marty and Maggie are twins.

Here's a funny situation where the twins participate in a little sibling rivalry to impress their youngest sibling.

Perhaps I will color it later so you can see that Marty and Maggie are in their respective restaurant work clothes.
EDIT: Colored!
EDIT 2: Well, I just found out that Marty and Clover are the real siblings ([link]) but, ah well. Fan art is fan art :)

DISCLAIMER: Marty, Maggie and Clover belong to Flipline Studios.
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i freakin love clover!!
Anyone ever notice with the exception of the first game the pizzeria all the games are papa Louie tricking you and forcing you to be a worker I mean let's see Taco Mia you win a Taco eating contest what you get as a prize working for Louie that's messed up man
I like a game where the default character or as of recent custom character needs a job that I be okay with I just find it wrong that you are always tricked into working for Louie
Huh. That happened in Freezeria. Penny and Alberto legitimately applied for work (a summer job, in the game's description). The punchline was that it was they started working when the cruise liner brought in a lot of people.
Must have missed that one and Pancakeria was confusing did the pet since depending on the gender you'll either get a dog or cat eat a bunch of food that the owner had to work for Louie?
No. For that game, the owner lost his cat or her dog and Papa Louie found the pet at the Pancakeria. He then called the owner who was looking his/her pet.

The owner then goes up to the new restaurant and then got a note asking for a favor. Basically, Papa Louie uses finding the pet as an excuse to tell the owner to run the Pancakeria for him.
wow Louie just wow also what you think the next restaurant will be I say Chinese or Japanese
Hmm, I believe it'll be something American.
That has been the trend of the food so far:
Soft Serve
Hot Dogs

You have to keep in mind the food has to be customizable while being easy-moderate to put together (that is to say, not have TOO many elements to it).
The safest bets would probably be a Coffee place, a Bakery, a Ribs place, (either cakes or cupcakes, or maybe even donuts), or maybe a Pie place.
In consideration of what you think, if the team does go for Asian food, I believe Ramen places or Sushi bars are the likely bets since those are starting to become popular casual dining foods.

Idunno but I can't wait for the next game :)
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soft taco with meat and chili
medium burger lettuce ketchup
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